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DONA Training

DONA Birth Doula Training


 DONA Birth Doula Training in Edmonton & Internationally

Since 2007, Birth Smart’s owner, Suzanne Moquin has been training new birth doulas with DONA International. Suzanne offers doula training workshops virtually several times per year. She also includes the Introduction to Childbirth for Doulas. The training focuses on: 


  • the role of a doula during birth

  • the ways in which a doula can offer emotional stability and support

  • the doula’s role in obstetrical intervention including caesarean births

  • the ways in which a doula can empower birthers and their partners throughout their journey

  • the code of ethics and standards of practice of doulas.

Full details about Suzanne’s workshops are available by contacting us. 

DONA picollage of Doula
Pregnancy Exercise
Become a Doula

Become a DONA Certified Birth Doula

Contact us for details about our next training workshop.

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