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Our Team

Our Team


3 Doulas with over 30 Years of Combined Experience!

Celebrating 16 years as DONA International’s Birth Doula Trainer in Edmonton, Canada. Suzanne BA Psych, BEd (U of A), is a Certified Birth Doula and Birth Doula Trainer with DONA International. She has been practicing since 1999 and has held many of the executive positions at the Doula Association of Edmonton. Her career turned to childbirth education after the birth of her two children, now adults. She specializes in all types of planned births, from home to birth centres, to hospital, and in all philosophies of pain management. She specializes in VBAC, twins, as well as optimizing foetal positioning; she has attended well over 1000 births in the greater Edmonton area. Suzanne is well known and respected by the physicians and midwives in the area. Her personalized teachings focus on empowerment, self-determination, and positive birth outcomes. She proudly doula’d her first grandchild into the world, and enjoys spending precious time with her CBC retired husband of 30+ years.

Suzanne Moquin BA BEd CD/BDT(DONA) 

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Natalie McMahon-Harris 

Natalie is a DONA-certified birth doula who is deeply passionate about the empowering experience of childbirth. With three children of her own, she discovered firsthand the transformative nature of birth. With over 20 years of experience as an elementary teacher, Natalie's journey into birth work is rooted in her belief in the importance of education. She is passionate about empowering expectant parents through knowledge and expertise. Natalie is dedicated to providing personalized support, advocating for parents' wishes, and offering evidence-based information to help families achieve the birth experience they desire. Through a foundation of trust, knowledge, and empowerment, Natalie is committed to guiding families on their journey to a positive and fulfilling childbirth experience.

Brittney is a certified birth and postpartum doula trained under DONA International, practicing since 2017 and a proud member of the Doula Association of Edmonton. Specializing in VBAC, twins, and various maternal journeys, she brings personal insight from her own experiences, including home VBAC, infertility, and trauma. Brittney's passionate focus on VBAC clients is underscored by her additional VBAC doula certification, reflecting her commitment to providing specialized support. She firmly believes in every woman's ability to manifest her birthing vision, aiming to create peaceful and empowering environments that foster strength and self-realization. Through unwavering support and compassionate guidance, Brittney strives to empower mothers, ensuring each birth is a transformative journey marked by confidence and self-discovery.

Brittney Masters 

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Our Philosophy

At Birth Smarter, we believe that your birth experience will remain one of your most memorable events of your life. Our services are focused on living that philosophy.

We trust the natural process of birth and support all hospital births with physicians, as well as birth centre and planned home births with midwives.


We understand that curveballs do sometimes occur and believe that our clients have the right to remain informed and be a part of the decision-making process when obstetrical intervention is necessary.


We believe that while the outcome of your labour and birth can be unpredictable, the care you receive during your labour should never be.


We believe that the outcome can be a positive one, even if medical intervention is required.


We promote self-determination, and empowerment. Our pre-natal preparation focuses on the positive aspects of birth.

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