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Why Birth Smarter

Having worked in the childbirth field for 25+ years, Birth Smarter owner, Suzanne Moquin discovered that there are many misguided teachings about labour and birth. Too many first-timers go to the hospital too soon and are not being admitted due to it being too early.  Too many subsequent births happen so fast that some don’t make it to the birthing place, or the parents are left with “what just happened?!” At Birth Smarter, our goal is to educate and empower clients to be well prepared for their upcoming journey, whether it’s their first baby or not. 

Birth Smarter is for you if you want to choose from a large range of childbirth education and services: 

  • you want in-person doula services 

  • you want virtual doula services at a lesser cost

  • you want postpartum doula services

  • you don’t want a repeat situation of your last birth, or your friend or relative’s birth 

  • you timed contractions all night only to find out you weren’t dilated enough to be admitted 

  • you want to do anything in your power to avoid induction or surgery 

  • you want birth story debriefing 

  • you want a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) 

  • you want to shorten your labour length 

  • you want to slow down your labour 

  • you want to make sure your partner gets there on time 

  • you want to optimize fetal positioning to reduce the chances of surgery 

  • you want to avoid the cascade of obstetrical interventions 

  • you want placenta encapsulation 

  • you need breastfeeding education and support 

  • you want to become a birth doula or want to support a friend or family member 

  • you are a doula and want doula mentoring 

Our Packages

Prenatal Education 

  • Virtual Prenatal Education Package for Non-Doula Client $150 

Birth Doula Services

  • Consultation for Birth Doula Services $no charge 

  • Virtual Birth Doula Package $800

  • In Person Birth Doula Package $1400   

Postpartum Doula Service

  • Virtual Postpartum Package $300  

  • In Person Postpartum Doula Package $30 per hour 


Other Services

  • Placenta Encapsulation $200

  • DONA Birth Doula Training $650

  • Birth Story Debriefing for Non-Clients  $50 per 30 minutes

  • Virtual Birth Preparation Counselling for Non-Clients $50 per 30 minutes 


Doula Mentoring 

  • $50 per 30 minutes 


For more information and questions, contact Suzanne, a certified birth doula in Edmonton.

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