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Birth Smarter

Birth Smarter


Considering Alternatives in Childbirth?  

One of our goals at Birth Smarter is to educate clients about their birthing options and rights. We offer information and support to empower them to voice their birthing wants and needs. As birth doulas, we also journey with pregnant women towards, through birth and afterwards. We offer in-person and virtual support in the Edmonton area and virtually beyond our physical service area.


Birth Preferences Sessions

Giving birth can be a great experience, but knowing what you want is key. Our doulas can help you establish birth preferences well ahead of labour. 


If you want to discuss birthing options and preferences, contact us. We offer:

  • prenatal education

  • breastfeeding education

  • comprehensive birth doula services

  • VBAC empowerment and support

  • postpartum services

  • placenta encapsulation

We teach you techniques for pain management and help you find comfort and labour and birth-conducive positions. Also, as trained, certified doulas, we know how to optimize fetal positioning with strategic movements which creates space, allowing baby to navigate the pelvis. We also provide information and emotional support that helps minimize obstetrical intervention and maximize birth experience satisfaction.

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Don't want a repeat

I don’t want a repeat of what happened at my last birth!”

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Evidence-Based Information

Our doulas are trained and certified through DONA International, which is the world’s first and largest doula certifying agency. We provide 24-hour support and information to help pregnant women understand the processes and changes happening to their body and baby. Our answers and suggestions are rooted in our training, experience, and evidence-based learning.


Many studies* have shown the presence of a birthing doula can:

  • minimize the rate of inductions 

  • minimize the cascade of interventions

  • minimize cesarean surgery rates

  • enhance mother-infant bonding

  • reduce the prevalence of post-partum depression


We welcome your questions and inquiries about our doulas and the services they provide.


*from ‘Mothering the Mother: How a Doula Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier, and Healthier Birth’, Klaus, Kennell, and Klaus

Birth Education

Childbirth Education & Birth Story Debriefing 

The doulas at Birth Smarter believe pre-natal education is an important element of a positive birth experience. We also believe that women need to talk openly and honestly about their birth experience with someone who will listen without judgement. A doula is such a person; she is able to explain the events of the birth, and she can help the postpartum clients make sense of their emotions and feelings surrounding them. As doulas, we are trained to support families in all aspects of birth – before, during, and after. As such, we lead clients and their birth partners through private, trauma-informed debriefings of their birth experience.  

Whether one has given birth days, months, or years ago, our Birth Story Debriefing is for anyone who has experienced or been affected by birth. Contact us for an understanding ear and practical help with making sense of it all. 

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Placenta Encapsulation & More

Speak to us about creating memories of your birthing journey.

Pregnancy Exercise
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Want to Speak to One of Our Doulas?

We can be reached by phone or email.

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